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Wavelength Mux (WM1)

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Product Details

A passive device used to support Next Generation PON (NG-PON2) with up to 40 Gigabit capacity via 4 wavelengths (4x10G per port) and advancing to 80 Gigabit capacity via 8 wavelengths (8x10G per port) in the future. The Wavelength Mux combines and separates the 4 downstream (L-Band) and upstream (C-Band) wavelengths over a single fiber. Premium optical components and high-quality connectivity ensure superior performance, the lowest loss, and robust network reliability.


  • Available with Monitoring ports
  • Excellent environmental & mechanical stability
  • High isolation
  • Low insertion loss & PDL
  • Premium grade components & connectivity


Product Specifications

Adapter Type LC/UPC, SC/UPC
WM1 Type 1x WM1 LGX LC/UPC adapter ports, 1x WM1 LGX SC/UPC adapter ports, 2x WM1 High-Density LGX LC/UPC adapter ports, 1x WM1 Ruggedized Cassette LC/UPC 1 meter 2.0mm outdoor-rated fiber cable, 2x WM1 High-Density Ruggedized Cassette LC/UPC 1 meter 2.0mm outdoor-rated fiber cable, 2x WM1 High-Density Ruggedized Cassette SC/UPC 1 meter 2.0mm outdoor-rated fiber cable
Housing type LGX® Module, Ruggedized cassette
Adapters (connectors) LC/APC, LC/UPC, SC/APC, SC/UPC
Number of WDMs in housing | Steel Mini Tube only available with 1 WDM 2, 1

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