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EZ-QUICK Field-Installable Connectors

EZ-QUICK® Field-Installable connectors are factory pre-polished
and tested to cost-effectively eliminate the need for time consuming terminating, epoxy setup, and polishing in the field. With a few easy steps, installing EZ-QUICK® Field-Installable connectors takes less than 2 minutes to achieve low loss terminations on singlemode or multimode 250um, 900um, 2mm, and 3mm fiber cables. EZ-QUICK® Field-Installable connectors require no special tools or skills – A fiber cleaver and strippers are the only essential tools for easy and quick installations in the field. Simply strip, cleave, and guide the fiber end into the transparent connector body containing index matching gel. A red light emitted through the transparent connector body visually confirms the fibers are fully mated when the red light disappears. Final engagement of the built-in clamp on the connector housing safely secures the fiber.