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A Trusted Source for Your Fiber Optic Solutions 

Montclair Fiber Optics is dedicated to providing our valued customers with high quality and cost-effective fiber optic products, responsive service and exceptional support.

A Leading Fiber Optic Source

As a company focused solely on fiber optics, we have established ourselves as a leading source of custom and specialty fiber optics and our wide stock of passive optical components, connectivity, and fiber management products. From our Midwest based offices we have served clients globally with our line of high-quality products.

Over 25 Years of Trusted Service

Established in 1995, Montclair Fiber Optics began at a time when fiber optic technology was still nascent. We saw an excellent opportunity in helping contribute to this young industry and positioned our company to lead, grounded in the principles of reliability, trust, and customer service. Our president, Albert Chang, Ph.D., quickly identified a gap in the market for custom fiber optic products and took the initiative to cater to the needs of the telecom, cable, utility, ISP, and data center markets.

Understanding our customers’ distinct needs and goals was critical, so we committed ourselves to engage with them personally, thereby enabling us to deliver tailored fiber optic solutions. This customer-centric approach has allowed us to fulfill our mission, becoming a dependable and trusted supplier of standard and custom fiber optic equipment.

Unmatched Fiber Optic Expertise

Industry-leading expertise and dedication to providing quality products are what sets us apart. Our team is passionate about fiber optic technology and being at the forefront of innovation. Through this passion, we help our customers with their specific requests and design challenges.  

Being a well established supplier, we have strong layers of manufacturing, engineering, and design support to ensure exact specifications, budget, and timely delivery are all met.

Meet the Team Behind Fiber Optic Solutions

Montclair Fiber Optics team is full of leaders in the fiber optic industry. Our expertise ensures we’re always at the forefront of fiber optic technology. 

Albert Chang, PhD

President | Founder

Keith Thompson


Jenny Chang


Help Shape the Future of Telecom

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